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Soldering and Desoldering
Soldering and Desoldering - Here are some details on building tiny robots and circuits. This instructable will also cover some basic tips and techniques that are useful in building robots of any size.
For me, one of the great challenges in electronics is to see just how small a robot I can make. The beautiful thing about electronics is that the components just keep getting smaller and cheaper and more efficient at an incredibly fast pace. Imagine if automobile technology were like that. Unfortunately, mechanical systems at this time, are not advancing nearly as fast as electronics.

These instructions will help you familiarize yourself with the initial difficulty of soldering surface mount components

By the time you have finished, you will be able to solder components with pins with .5mm spacing.

Tools and Supplies

1. x1 soldering iron (digital or analog)
2. PCB(Printed Circuit Board) with available pads
3. SMD (Surface Mount Device) component that matches the available pad
4. Solder (recommend water soluble, rosin core acceptable)
5. Desoldering braid
6. Flux w/ applicator
7. Tweezers
8. Rubbing alcohol (rosin core solder) OR
9. Water (for water soluble solder)
10. Anti-static cloth

Step 1: Preparing the PCB

1. Check to be sure the pad size of the PCB lines up with the pins on the SMD
2. Clean the PCB of any dust or debris.
3. Turn the soldering iron on now, and set the temperature between 600-700 degrees.

Warning: When heated to these temperatures, you will be burned if you touch the tip of the soldering iron.
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