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Manufacturing and Engineering Capabilities
Manufacturing Capabilities

Specializing in quick-turn Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), Laritech provides same day turnaround for PCB prototypes. Standard lead times are 3-5 days for pilot runs and 2 weeks or less for production volume PCB orders. Our PCB manufacturing capabilities include placements from 0201 up to 2 inch BGAs and fine pitch. Our Siemens pick and place equipment is accurate to 38 micrometers, and we have X-Ray and BGA rework capabilities. Our RoHS (lead-free) PCB process was started in 2005 and certified by an independent laboratory in January 2006. Since our certification, we have produced millions of dollars in RoHS Printed Circuit Board Assemblies without incident. Laritech recently implemented ISO 9001:2008 with engineering design control to replace our longstanding ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Engineering Capabilities

Laritech has over 15 years experience designing embedded hardware and software with expertise in CAN Bus, RS-232, RS-485, SMS, GPIB, and Ethernet protocols. Our foremost proficiency is embedded control, but we also have experience in RF design, LabView® and Windows® programming. We are very prolific in our designs and average over 60 designs completed per year. This high turn ratio ensures that you will receive your design in a very timely manner.
Having in-house PCB assembly capabilities further ensures that your prototypes will also be turned quickly and built correctly because our design engineers oversee the PCB manufacturing process. Our engineering designs are also governed by ISO 9001:2008 to ensure proper documentation and ease of transition from Laritech to the customer.
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